Advice to Undergrads – 1994

Juliet Atherstone
     “Nolite te bastardes carburundorum” – Atwood
Brian Bell
     “…Be not proud although some have called you the mighty and dreadful for thou art not so…”
Jerrid Blackburn
     Immortality is not a gift, immortality is an achievement!!
Jason Burrows
     Examine your morals and ideas, all those to which you can find no reasonable origin or you have no explanation for.
Adreanna Ginnell Dollman
     Cherish everything, accomplish something worthwhile with your lives, “do unto others” and avoid cutting your hair!
Matt Edgett
     Climb over the mountain, to see what you can see.
Larisa Fayad
     Hang in there, it’s only four years!
Barry Jaggers
     If it doesn’t work, hit it harder!
James A. Jurchen
     Straight is the gate and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.  Matthew 7:14
Colin Keddie
     Life is a gamble, so make sure the odds are in your favour.
Auran Letourneau
     Never give up!  Work hard and your rewards will come.
Kristina Orrling
     Go out in the world with open eyes and mind.  Try to extend your reality.
Lana Elizabeth Robertson
     “Fate will unwind as it must! Beowulf
Meadow Schroeder
     The pot of gold isn’t found at the end of the rainbow.
David Sherman
     Never Surrender.
Erin Swift
     Try really hard to be cool and accepted to the mussik; great, awesome popular beings