Advice to Undergrads – 1995

Melanie Alderson
     Find a good teacher and stick with them.  If all else fails, get a bigger hammer.
Blake Bartzen
     Don’t save your work until the last minute.
Jane Beaton
     It’s incredibly worthwhile to work hard and stay in school.
Melissa Brown
     Don’t get too trendy.  It won’t get you anywhere.
Danielle Lagah
     Discard anyone and anything that robs you of your spirit and imagination.  Keep yourself separated from the numbness of routine.
Karen Moss
     Read the chapter in the textbook before doing the questions.  It’s amazing how much it helps!
Renee Muller
     Get involved in Grade 12, because hopefully it only happens once.
Jeff Olsson
     Enjoy youth and the absence of responsibility while you still have it.  It goes away quickly.
Alex Paukkunen
     Stay in school.
Tim Sorensen
     Average is just as close to the bottom as it is to the top.
Aurielie Verje-Marion
     Take every course that might interest you and don’t limit yourself by closing any doors.
Teresa Watson
     Play basketball.