Advice to Undergrads – 1996

Denise Charleston
     Be considerate to fellow schoolmates.  Have a great time here because before you know it, you’ll be out of here faced with the real world.
Chrissy Cornell
     Plan courses very carefully and pay attention to what the University of your choice needs for admission.
Cara Jeffrey
     Enjoy your high school years.
Brent Kellas
     Have fun in grades 9 and 10 because you won’t have time in grades 11 and 12.  Also take honours classes if you want to have classes with people who don’t like to goof-off.
Wendy Kellas
     Have fun and get involved in anything you can.  Keep busy.
Jennifer Lane
     Good luck and smile lots!!
Keith Leinweber
     Study for Scholarships!
Andrew Lupton
     If you want NO LIFE stay in the Band Program.  Drummers are the greatest musicians in the world!  Try to take Math with Mr Willers; he’s the best!
Kathleen McBride
     Stay in school and enjoy being young while you can!
Kiley McFarlen
     Just because you have no post educational funds, does not mean you will have no future…  Study hard, go for scholarships and join the Honours Society.
Wanda Patterson
     Use your Biology 12 study guide!
Chris Reid
     Study hard for your first three quarters so you can have fun in your last.
Crystal Stranaghan
     Beware of Kenneth Clark videos and whatever you do, do not insult Ms White’s beloved kitty!!
Joanna Topliffe
     Make sure you get really awesome marks in grade 11 and 12 because those marks are what really counts.  But more importantly, have fun while you still can.
Leslie Wiegand
     I have no advice!
David Wilson
     Make sure that you get your Scholarship applications in on time, to save Ms Slaughter some extra hassle!
Joel Wynans
     Don’t fail!!