Advice to Undergrads – 1997

Jennifer Baloc
R-E-S-P-E-C-T!  Find out who you are and what you want to do for yourself.
Alana Byer
Live your life to the fullest ’cause you only live once.
Cindy Deal
For all you “whiners” who complain about how bad it is at school, just wait until grade 12.  You haven’t seen nothing yet!!
Jenaya Dewaal
My advice is to work hard in school so that you get free lunches and dinners with all of the smart people.
Brandi Foster
Always go to your CPP classes no matter how boring they may seem.  Also enjoy yourselves in grades nine through eleven seeing as how grade twelve is just one big headache.
Anna Francis
Your years at high school are meant to be some of the best years of your life.  In order to make them as fulfilling as possible, get involved in everything that KSS has to offer.  Grade 12 rocks as long as you make each day fun and interesting.
Kristen Grieve-Heringa
Get involved!  The four years at KSS go way too quickly if you just sit and let everything pass you by.  Take a wide variety of courses, both academic and non-academic.  Play on one of our many sports teams, join the band program, etc.  Whatever you do, let your voice be heard!
Lara Heaton
“Be true to thine own self” – Willie –
Jessica Hepting
I don’t give advice!
Aki Kaltenbach
Get out of Qualicum as fast as you can.  There’s more to life than parties at Parker Road.
Amanda Landry
Enjoy yourself, you have your whole life to get stressed out.
Elizabeth Layton
Remember that shoes are essential to survival; we will be older than you, and don’t forget to floss!
Jonathan Lindsay
Drink JOLT, eat doughnuts and remember, peanut butter goes with anything!
Erik Norrguard
Don’t study too hard, take it easy but don’t forget to have a good yearly breakfast of physics, math and mechanics in your diet otherwise your life will always feel unfulfilled.  When I’m down, all that I need is a little math to cheer me up and help me get through the day.
Eran Norton
Become what you are not, what you are trying to be!  Discover yourself and run with it.
Cari Randall
Don’t quit school and don’t “Whine”!
Tom Smith
Overwhelm yourself with grade 12 academic courses and concentrate so hard that you forget what 8 x 2 is….  and end up doing it on your calculator.  And ugh…  I didn’t do it, it wasn’t me, it was…. um…. someone else!
Sandra Temple
Math 12 is the hardest course on the planet!  Prepare…  and have fun!
Chris Tilbe
Do not make high school your glory days, love life, learn lots!
Sarah Jane Wood
Even though none of you will ever see this, I’ll say it anyways – put some clothes on.