Advice to Undergrads – 1999

Jenna Andersov
     Have all the fun you can, but do your homework too.
Krista Baloc
     Do what you want to do, not for anybody else, but because this is your life.
Carina Doyle
     Don’t give up no matter what!
Meghan Driscoll
     My advice to the undergrads is play lots of sports, especially soccer.
Robin Edgett
     “Experience: That most brutal of teachers, but you learn, my god do you learn” – C.S. Lewis –
Lauren Fegan
     Try your best in whatever you’re doing and you’ll achieve what you want.
Adam Fershko
     Whatever you do, don’t make “The Big Lebowski” your role model!
Brandon Grieve-Heringa
     What you want to do is your own business, so I have no comment.
Andreas Haase
     A bad day skiing is better than a good day at school
Darren Hodgson
     Party as much as you can in grades 9, 10 and 11.  Grade 12 is way harder!
Lissa Jiggins
     Get out and see the world that is beyond Qualicum.
Melissa Jorgenson
     Get out of Qualicum; see the world.  There is more to life than hanging out at Payless.
Darcy Lane
     Get as much money from your parents as you can before you move out.  You are going to need it.
Anna Litwinowich
     I don’t give advice!
Becky Noble
     Listen to some Kenny Garrett; the real Kenny G.
Katrina Paddon
     Party while you can ’cause you’re gonna get old pretty quick!
Johnny Plaisier
     To all you undergrads, after much studying, I have discovered the solution to every confrontation with the opposite sex.  “You’re right.  I’m wrong and I am very sorry.”
Nadine Randall
     Have fun in your junior years because once you get to your senior years you don’t have time for anything but school.  Also, get involved in school activities and the years will go by twice as fast.
Megan Riera
     Take a year off to relax before you start school again.  After 13 years everybody needs a break.
Anna Schute
     It doesn’t end after high school.  Try hard now so you can succeed.
Bella Stavroff
     Enjoy high school while it lasts and make friends with your whole grad class.  They’ve been with you your whole life and you won’t realize how much you are going to miss them until grade 12.
Stan Sullivan
     Stay in school as long as you can… As soon as you graduate it when all the hard stuff happens.  Enjoy yourself in the four years you attend KSS.  Work hard, achieve your goals, both socially and academically, but most of all have fun.  Life is too short to walk around angry all the time.
Jennifer Tchorz
     Have as much fun as you can in your junior years because once you undergraduates get to grade 12 the word “fun” is no longer in your vocabulary.
Cory Webb
     Your grade 12 year will be your best, but it will be filled with a lot of pressure and stress.  Don’t lose sight of your post secondary goals and opportunities, and always have fun.
Chris Williams
     Over years of trial and error I have developed the phrase to end every conflict with the opposite sex with “You’re right.  I’m wrong and I’m very sorry”.