Advice for Undergrads – 2000

Eric Ashworth
     Try hard in grade 11 and scholarships pay better than a job.
Ginny Burns
     Don’t leave your work experience until Grade 12.  Treat Ms Lo well.  Think before you jump; if you don’t, you might regret it.
Clayton Chmelik
     Work in grades 10 and 11, slack in grade 12.  The less courses you need the better.  And remember: nothing is fool-proof to a talented fool.
Kate Crisp
     Work hard but don’t let school work be the focus of life, enjoy high school.
Natasha Fras
     Time in high school goes really fast and a lot of times it can get tough but before you know it you’re out of here so make the most of all that you do and enjoy every minute.
Rose Gardner
     Take easy, fun classes during the last semester because it is too sunny to work hard.
Dave Gautier
     Set goals and aspire to meet them.
Shane Gee
     You have the rest of your life to party, so spend the time to get decent grades now because as Winston Churchill said:  “All the great empires of the future Will be empires of the mind.”
Daniel Haase
     Time flies when you’re having fun, even though it doesn’t feel like it when you go to school, so make the most of your time and try to have fun at school.
Jenna Haylock
     Set goals for yourself and always strive to reach them.  Don’t get stressed out over stupid things and truly enjoy your time in high school.
Lee Levering
     Do whatever you can to get out of here ASAP.
Heather Lindsay
     My advice to undergraduates is once you get to grade eleven, your marks really do count and even is you don’t know what you want to do after high school, you should still try hard to keep as many doors open to realize your dreams.
Heather Livingstone
     Don’t let anyone tell you where you should go or what you should do.  So often our futures are dictated by the adults in our lives, and sometimes these adults don’t really know what’s right for us.  Life is not about doing what’s expected, it’s about doing what you love, so find what you love and go for it!
Carmen Luterbach
     Believe in yourself, concentrate on comprehension rather than grades and find what you love.  Remember, there’s a lot more to life than high school.
William Lymer
     “Never give up, never give up, never give up, never, never.” – Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of England –
Jamie Mackie
     Keep your chin up!  Never let anyone else get you down.  This world is huge and it’s only you who can make it or break it!
Heather Macleod
     The future is yours if you believe in your dreams.
Maddie McIntyre
     Keep your options open because you never know what you might decide to do.
Kyla McNeil
     The world is your to discover and the opportunities are endless so pave your own path.
Andri Norton
     Live fully and with abandon, Love completely and without fear, Hope splendidly, And never relinquish the dream.
Scott M. Okrainetz
     Remember that your grades in both 11 as well as 12 are  extremely important for college acceptance, so watch them closely and keep them up.  Also, begin your scholarship application procedure early or you may stand to lose a chance of earning lots of money for tuition.
Graeme Piercy
     Have fun!  Work hard and enjoy your time at KSS.
Ryan Power
     If you follow year heart and live your life to the fullest, joy, money and good fortune will follow close behind; but if your life is spent in pursuit of material goods only, you will waste your time aiming at a target that if, on the off chance is hit, may only bring limited satisfaction.
Kristin Tchorz
     Do your work experience in grade 11!
Wendy Turnbull
     Keep your options open.  Take different courses, join different teams and committees.  Don’t worry about being “cool”, concentrate on being fun.  If you give your teachers a chance, you’ll find that most of them are pretty cool.  Above all else, these years are crucial; get to know your friends, but most importantly, get to know yourself.
Crystal Webb
     Set goals and strive for them.  When summer comes around and the weather gets nice, DON’T SLACK!  Most of all enjoy your four years here and all the good times with your teachers and friends.  Try not to do all of your homework on Sunday night….
Jen Westnedge
     Have fun, play sports, do a couple of loser laps but make the best of it.