Advice to Undergrads – 2002

Steve Adams
     Your high school years will be some of the best.  Live it up.  Make lots of friends, because they will only make you a happier person.  there is fun to be had at school, so participate and enjoy the activities and clubs the school has to offer.
Jessica Doyle
     Treasure the past, embrace the present and keep an eye on the future.  Have fun and have no regrets.
Danica Drummond
     Before you hit grade 12, get lots of volunteer experience under your belt.  Don’t procrastinate in grades 11 and 12!  You’ll regret it.
Meghan Elizabeth Forget
     Do your best no matter what!  High school is a small chunk of your life that reflects upon you all of your life, and you should make an effort now to benefit later.  Remember the peace and the love!
Megan Fredheim
     The years go by faster than you ever imagine they will!  Don’t procrastinate, and enjoy the years while you can.
Rennie Gardner
     Choosing courses can have a big impact on your future, so make responsible choices.  Being involved in a team or club can be a lot of fun and a great way to meet people.
Gabrielle Grauer
     Only one piece of advice:  DON’T LOAD TETRIS OR PUZZLEPACK ONTO YOUR CALCULATORS – significant changes in your grade will occur.
Carl Green
     Make the most of your final years at KSS.  They go by fast, but the memories you share with all your friends stay with you throughout your entire life.  Above all, be yourself!!
Adam Hodgson
     Have fun while you still can.
Amanda Johnson
     Don’t be passive! Go do something cool and try to find passion in something and make everything count.  “If you do something that makes you happy, at least one person will be happy” – Katharine Hepburn – Work hard, but don’t lose yourself in work – enjoy life1
Craig Lont
     Don’t accept not trying, or you will regret it.  Work as hard as you can in grade 12 and don’t procrastinate because that will be the fastest school year of your life.
Rebecca Manson
     Carpe Diem – “seize the day and pick the roses while you may.”
Christian Smith
     Regret nothing!
Katie Terhune
     To prevent yourself  from being disliked by other people, be a nice person.
Kelsey Waugh
     Enjoy yourself.  KSS offers many programs and teams.  Join them, have fun, and your memories of high school will be much better.
Sara Whiteley
     “You’re here for a good time, not a long time.”  make friendships that will last a long time and don’t stress out too much about school; a bad test won’t judge who you are for the rest of your life.
Owen Williams
     If you think you like something, try it!  Oh, and make sure your spare is A Block, you’ll need the sleep.
Erica Wilson
     Learn something new!  If you aren’t good at cooking, then take Home Ec., if you can’t change your oil, take mechanics.  Don’t play your strengths just for the marks, take courses you enjoy, and courses from which you will learn important life skills you don’t already possess.  Oh, and take Lit if you can, Ms While is a phenomenal teacher and I have learned much from her teachings.