Advice to Undergrads – 2003

Erin Anderson
     Take a variety of courses so that you can figure out what you like best.  This way, you won’t miss out on any opportunities.
Rowan Anders
     Challenge yourself to do as much as you can.  There are so many fun things to do at KSS and four years is a short time.  Play sports, watch sports, get involved in leadership and enjoy the time with your peers.  KSS is an amazing place and you will remember it for the rest of your life.
Lindi Atherstone
     Get involved!  Play sports!  Join clubs!!  Most of all, have FUN!
Martin Douglas
     Support the Canucks.
Kylee Epp
     Take advantage of the many opportunities at KSS.  Knowledge is the key to success.
Kristin Halverson
     Don’t be stupid.  Shorten all your deadlines by a week.  Most importantly, try to cram your important courses into the first semester so you can relax and enjoy the spring and summer weather.  Also, take advantage of things like Encounters Canada.
Cody Hedman
     Take as many senior courses in grade 10 as you can.
Kyra Hemmerling
     Take calculus.  It’s worth it to see Mr. Willers dance, but it is also helpful to prepare for University.
Tarah Howie
     Every year high school goes by faster that the last, so have fu and don’t waste any time.  Make sure you take a variety of courses in order to leave your options open for after graduation.
Taylor Hunter
     Make the most of your four years of high school.
Kaja Karlsen
     Live every day to the fullest.  You’ll be complaining about being sick of school but grade 12 flies by and you’ll want to go back.  Take advantage of all extra-curricular activities, get involved in student voice and follow your dreams, even if no one believes in you.
Janelle Kehler
     Four years of high school introduces you to many people.  Stay true and honest and you’ll come out with some life long friends.  Don’t forget to have fun along the way.
Phil Lam
     Provincial exams are not easy.  SMS scores are not easy to get so study hard.
Catherine McIntyre
     Take advantage of any opportunities you can, particularly the trips to Europe offered at Spring Break.  They are a lot of fun and give you a wider knowledge of other cultures.
Shelsey Muska
     Have more respect for others as well as yourself.
Kyle Nelson
     Don’t stress yourself out.  Take the courses you’ll enjoy the most and make sure you have good teachers.
Mihaela Pavel
     Join leadership and do a lot of volunteer work.  Get involved in community and school events.  It’s going to be very useful for you if you’re planning on getting scholarships.  And have FUN!
Jarrett Plonka
     Try before your grade 12 year… it pays off.  Think before you do.  Clothes are not optional.  Always have a backup plan.  Pain is temporary, pride is forever.  The teacher marking your provincial exam couldn’t care less who yo are.  Music makes you smarter.  Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.  Never pet a burning dog.
Luke Postl
     Be cool and speak up even if people don’t want to listen.
Ben Randall
     Grades 9 and 10 may not seem that important, but start working as soon as you can.  You will appreciate it in the long run.  Also, keep in mind that most of the seniors don’t really like you in the first place so try not to make it any worse.  Don’t pet a burning dog.
Chris Sturlis
     Learn many different possible jobs and keep your options open.  Take school and your grades seriously, but don’t stress out.  Keep hobbies and make time for your friends.  Stay involved in as many school activities as possible.
Lauren Tate
     Don’t forget that KSS has more to offer than just academics.  Get involved in sports, leadership and the many clubs the school has to offer.  Not only do these things look good on a college application, but you learn a lot and have fun, too.
Jared Tchorz
     Don’t overload with academic courses.  Take courses like Foods just for the fun and experience.  If you are unhappy about the way something in the school is, get involved in a club or program so you can voice your opinion.
Zoe Williams
     Do things that look good in a scholarship letter.  Don’t take a class that you completely hate because you won’t end up learning much.  Instead, focus on classes you really enjoy because you will get more out of them.
Katarina Wilson
     Grow up.  Your immature and disrespectful behaviour is annoying.
Jessica Wishlow
     Study, study, study!!!
Justin Yarn
     Do what you feel like.  have fun so your memories make you happy when you are old.