Advice to Undergrads – 2004

Jena Amarsi
     Don’t stress out over the little things in life.  You’ll find that things usually fall into place whether you worry about them or not.  Also, trust your instincts in every decision you make, big or small.  If you trust your instincts and follow your heart, you’ll know you did the right thing, and it will be harder to regret the decision you make.
Stephanie Burke
     Enjoy your time here; it’s over before you know it.  Also respect your teachers; they are here to help you, and they are only human too.  Work hard and you will get where you want to go.
Daphne Campbell
     Don’t slack off!  Work hard all the time and it will pay off in the end.  Join as many teams and groups as you possibly can; it’ll make every day fun!  Grade twelve is the best year.  Make the most of it!  Oh yeah, take calculus!
Laura Champagne
     It’s great to get involved in band, sports and various courses but don’t forget to take the time to sit back and relax.
Chelsea Craddock
     Travel!  If you have the opportunity, there’s nothing that will make high school more enjoyable.  Don’t procrastinate.  If you allow things to pile up it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  Get everything done and the harder parts of high school will pass by quickly.
Wai Yee (Venus) Chung
     Learning is some kind of challenge that we need to take.  No matter how intelligent we are, “study hard!!” and “be organized!” are the keys to accomplishments in life.  As I am an international student, I strongly believe that going into an exchange program is absolutely valuable and a highly significant experience.
Trevor Doyle
     Enjoy your years at KSS; they may be the best ones.  Don’t forget to work hard and be successful.  Take advantage of the different programs KSS has to offer you!
Kyle Dykstra
     High school years are the best years in a teenager’s life.  To make them your best, be sure to get involved in many activities and sports teams.  Stay close to your friends because they’ll make the high school the best of all.
Hayley Epp
     High school is the place to try new things.  Take advantage of all the opportunities you receive here.  This is your chance.  All you have to do is grab hold of it.
Braden Foster
     Enjoy it while you can.  It only gets harder from here.
Jimmy Foulds
     High school provides you with many unique opportunities.  Take advantage of every one you can: join a sports team, take academics, sports and P.E.  Don’t finish your four years with any regrets.
Sarah Girard
     Your high school years can be some of the most memorable years of your life.  Take advantage of them, take a variety of courses and get involved in a range of school clubs.  Keep your options open because you never know where the future may take you.
Svein Graaten
     Break the mold!  Keep your own identity!.
Nico Grauer
     Get involved in the athletics programs.  The coaches are great and fun to play with.  Don’t slack during exams.
Meagan Hogg
     Be yourself.  Don’t let someone dictate what to like or not to like.
Noel Hopper
     Endure with fortitude.  Don’t get discouraged with minor set backs, none of this is going to matter ten years from now.  Instead persevere and don’t sweat the small stuff.
Jeffrey Hunter
     Play on as many sports teams as possible because road trips are killer, plus you miss lots of school.  Be adventurous; don’t chicken out on giving it your all.  If you’re a girl, learn how to play golf because it’s easy to get a college scholarship.  I can give you lessons.  “It’s all in the hips” – Happy Gilmore –
Tanya Kloss
     Remember in chemistry you are not wearing gloves!  Be careful, but experience everything!  Envelop yourself in school activities, such as work experience.  It can really help advance you in your future plans.
Lindsay Kruit
     Always work hard to do the best you can, but don’t take it all too seriously.  There’s always a bit of room to enjoy life and have a taste of everything life has to offer.
Crystal large
     Don’t regret anything you do, get as much as you can out of your years at KSS.  You’re only here so long until you’re tossed out into the real world.  Have fun, and don’t sweat the small stuff.
Stephen Liddell
     Sing.  Dance.  Don’t let the staring faces drudging down the hallway dictate your actions or opinions.  The only person you can control is you, so let yourself go and enjoy it.
Kali Meyer
     The advice I have for KSS undergrads is to work hard and don’t give up because no matter what, it will pay off in the end.
Jessica Millar
     Make the most of your time here, and work hard because the harder you work here, the easier things will be in the future.  Take every opportunity that life gives you.  Seize the day…  take calculus.
Meghan O’Rourke
     It’s true, high school goes by in a flash.  Don’t sweat the little stuff.  Live everyday to the fullest, and take every opportunity you can because high school only happens once.  Spend lots of time with your friends because one day you’ll only have to say goodbye.  And lastly, make your grad year the one to remember.
Phil Olsen
     Time at high school flies, so make the most of it.  Play on sports teams and always take P.E.  Don’t waste your time on MSN; go to the gym instead.
Roman Ortmann
     I haven’t been at KSS for long enough to give advice concerning school activities to students.  One thing as an international student I can say is to go on to an exchange if it is possible.  Just do it.  It will change your life forever.
Jonathan Pinkerton
     Don’t get stressed out, but make sure you keep on top of your game.  Take courses that interest you and party hard every weekend.
Darin Savage
     Take courses which interest you and the year will be much more enjoyable and interesting.
Sara Williams
     Get involved with activities at school.  Have fun while you’re here.  Try your best (don’t procrastinate).  Take courses you’re interested in or take interest in your courses.  Most importantly, have fun.