Advice to Undergrads – 2005

Beth Anderson
     Follow your heart and dreams.  Get into your interests and hobbies and explore all aspects, because you only get four years to express yourself in your school, and try to make a difference.  Be true to yourself, be your own person because people will admire you for that.
Kirsty Beaton
     Keep your options open.  Take a variety of courses that intrigue you…  who knows what will spark your interests the strongest.
Jonathan Challoner
     Never think that these are the best years of your life.  Always look forward and never underestimate yourself.  I’ve seen many people give up their lives before they even turn 20.  Never believe that you aren’t good enough and don’t let yourself give up now because the best years of your life are still coming.
Katrina Corneille
     Work hard, but don’t forget to have fun.  Academic success and focused work habits are important to your future.  High school passes by quickly (especially grade 12) so make the most of it and don’t take anything for granted.  Most importantly, don’t hesitate to become involved in anything that might interest you – you never know where it may take you!
Baleze Danoit
     One must first learn to crawl before one can walk.  Do not try to do too much.
Tamara Devitt
     Work hard and do the best you can to be the best you can; do what you want.
Chelsea Doyle
     Respect others and they will respect you.  High school is a lot easier to get through with a smile on your face.
Kylie Doyle
     Keep busy and get involved in activities.  Work hard, but not too hard!  DO NOT TALK DURING CLASS.
Erica Horsfield
     Always challenge yourself and take risks.  Get involved in anything and everything that KSS has to offer.  “If you risk nothing, you risk everything.”
Jessica Howie
     Take the most out of your years in high school because they will be the best years of your life.
Jill Hughes
     Take time to look around at your options and choices.  Take advantage of what you want to do and enjoy it.  Try to be interested in your course subjects – it makes them more interesting in turn.  Speak up for yourself and what you want because no one else will do it for you.
Ryan Ihl
     You must train yourself not to fear losing the things you love, for you are only free to do anything, once you have lost everything.
Mica Jorgenson
     Have fun.  Take courses that you’re interested in.  Don’t leave your hardest classes for the last semester!
Sherina Kanani
     Enjoy high school while it lasts and start searching for your passion now if you haven’t found it yet.  If you graduate, having no idea what you want to do with your life, that’s ok!  Just try everything once and have fun doing it.
Yoriko Kasai
     Trying something new will always broaden your world.  Challenge something new and your years will be much more enjoyable.
Jamie Kerr
     Don’t slack off especially when you get to grade 11 and 12 courses.  Jobs, sports and dates, though they seem more important, are not the priority (I’ve fallen into the trap myself).  When you look back, you wish you’d have concentrated more.  “Don’t spread yourself too thin” is what I was told over and over again by Ms. White, Mr. Stahley and my mom and dad.
Erin Kleven
     Avoid procrastination; the homework just keeps on building up.  Also, studying the night before the final exam is not a great idea.  Often the one thing you didn’t study will appear in the test.
Keith Koelewyn
     Don’t go to write exams that you aren’t supposed to.  For some reason, teachers don’t like this.  They don’t seem to appreciate whoopee cushions either.  Just stay in the background, don’t attract attention and you should survive.
Sarah Lawley-Wakelin
     Watch lots of hockey!  Try to take courses you know you’ll love, and when you’re in those you don’t, just keep your chin up.  Don’t forget to laugh often, and remember that no matter how much you stress out, the exam will come along eventually.  The moral?  Stop stressing out so much!  In the long run, you’ll be glad you didn’t (but be happy you still remembered to study).
Rhianna Lindsay
     Try to take any course that might be of interest to you.  it never hurts to explore different areas that might have an impact on your post secondary or career choices.  But most of all have fun and always try your best.
Genelle Olson
     Work hard in grade 11 and 12, the scholarships alone are definitely worth it.  Also ask questions about the things you don’t understand, never assume anything.
Joey Perpick
     Work hard, but don’t let yourself get too stressed out.  Everything will work out in the end: it always does and if you need help with math, go see Mr. Willers.
Stephen Randall
     Get sleep, eat breakfast, make money, and don’t slack.  Things are much easier when you do these things.  If you are not sure what you want to do when you graduate, do as many things as possible to get an idea of what options are available and something that interests you should come along.
Jonas Richter
     Do more than just academics.  Get involved in sports, extra curricular activities, and programs like band.  School isn’t everything.
Caleb Shortt
     Do stuff!  Don’t just go through high school and get by.  Make friends and have fun.  If you don’t, it’s just school without any social experience… that might be a little boring… too boring.
Chelsey Slack
     If life is a book, then high school is but only one page!  Make the most of these years: however, always keep your eyes searching for opportunity.  Work hard, have fun, and make long lasting memories that will provide a strong foundation for whatever exciting adventures may lie in wait outside of high school!.
Marnie Slater
     Remember that high school isn’t life.  Have fun, work hard, but don’t let it decide who you are or who you hang out with.  You will meet new people and ideas when you make your own life.
Heather Smith
     Try new things, experiment!  Be active!  During these high school years, you can choose from a variety of different courses and find out what you dislike and what you enjoy.  Try your best and enjoy life.
Ailish Spencer
     Listen to those who are older than you when they offer you advice.  They know more about life than you give them credit for!
Matt Stuckenburg
     Tough it out the first time when it’s free, that’s all the advice from me.
Brittany Thompson
     Find your niche and enjoy it!  Take courses that you enjoy, not only the ones you have to.  Laugh everyday so that it doesn’t get too hard to come back.  And finally, enjoy yourself.
Natasha Tuskovich
     Always try to find happiness in life.  If something isn’t going right, fix it!  And don’t be afraid to try as many extra curricular activities as you want.
Mark Tustin
     Relax.  Sit down, and don’t worry.  The years of high school go by like a wave coming to the shore, so the best thing you can do is ride it smoothly.
Ben Vanry
     Get out as soon as possible, take courses you’re interested in, and make sure you take advantage of high school as much as you can.  It’s the only free education you’ll ever get, enjoy.
Krystal Vanstone
     Enjoy your high school years while they last!  Although it seems like you have reached the end of a long journey.  I guarantee that it gets harder from here on out.
Jay Waraich
     Y’all better check yourselves before you wreck yourselves.  High school should be the best years of your life, so party hard, but also remember to study once in a while.  P.S. Join Honours Society; it is the coolest society in Qualicum.
Eddy Wong
     Your great years at KSS will be one of the most unforgettable periods in your life if you can enjoy your lessons and social life of the school.  participating in most activities helps your mental development.  Treasure your brightest years!
Kyle Young
     During your first years of high school, it is probably a good idea to get the harder courses over with.  This will allow you to enjoy your grade 12 year the most, spending the best times with the best courses.  Also, never leave things to the last moment.  Always be prepared for the worst scenarios.