Advice for Undergrads – 2006

Michael Bendle
     Pursue your interests even if they are not taught at school.  Just because curriculum excludes something doesn’t mean it isn’t worth knowing.
William Bennett
     Take care of the environment and your classmates.
Candace Brown
     The more you get involved in school the more memories you will take away with you when you leave.  Cherish your years in high school and all the people in it because it really does go by faster than you would anticipate.
Monica Ciolfi
     Don’t drink and drive.  Make decisions for yourself and not for anyone else.
Joey Damberger
     Take advantage of what our fine school has to offer, whether it is sports, band or student clubs.  Have fun because high school goes by too fast to be wasted.
Paul Davis
     Make sure you question your teachers.  They can teach you so much more than math, english, science or socials if you just ask.
Brett Foreman
     Live by your own advice.
Kyle Heinz
     Keep your options open.  Don’t start closing doors until you are 99% sure of what you want to do.  Take as many classes as possible in high school because school isn’t free forever.
Meredith Hama-Brown
     Spend time thinking about who you are.  Above all, it is important to be true to oneself.
Alyssa Hoskins
     Have fun!  Don’t get so caught up with your studies that you forget to enjoy your high school experience.
Melissa Jonnson
     Don’t take things too seriously; they never matter as much as they seem in the moment.  Make the most of each day.  Don’t let anyone change your mind in what you want to do.
Andrew Kim
     “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is; infinite.”
Wendy Klebe
     You are more likely to regret something you don’t do than something you do, so don’t be afraid to take risks and just have fun and enjoy life.
Emily Knox
     Be yourself.  Don’t change who you are for anyone.
Tess Kumlin
     High school years are the easy years.  Enjoy them all because before you know it they’ll all be over.
Elizabeth Manson
     Join every club, team and/or grade 12 committee that will admit you.  Be as involved as possible, but don’t slack off now, you’re almost done.  Also, don’t be afraid of embarrassing yourself in front of everyone and looking stupid; after all, this is your last high school year to do so, and you won’t see most of those who laugh at you again anyways.
Nathan McClure
     Do what interest you, but try as much as possible to remain diversified in your studies.  Lead a balanced lifestyle directed by the three 8’s; 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, 8 hours of recreation.  You don’t have to enjoy school, but try to enjoy learning.  Don’t rush life, there is plenty of time ahead.
Lidsay Ney
Jason Plonka
     Keep working hard.  There’s too much money that goes unclaimed in scholarships.  Make your years in high school the best.
Ryan Pridmore
     I am smart enough to realize that no one should follow my advice…  or Brett’s.
Bjorn Rieder
     Have fun, party hard and work harder.  Trust your intuition and more importantly, your heart.
Maquinna Sloan
     Do what you can and don’t lose sight of what you want out of life.  Learn as much as you can in and out of school.
Jonathon Stermscheg
     Be genuine and true to whom you are because if you aren’t, you are only lying to yourself.  Whenever the opportunity arises, encourage and befriend someone; you may never know how much they need it.
Kristen Tyler
     Use your high school years to do and experience things that you never thought you would.  Get involved in any activities that you find interesting because it will help you get through brain scrambling studies.
Melany Wright
     The few years you have at KSS go by quickly.  Try everything you can while you can.  Remember to take it easy and have FUN.