Advice for Undergrads – 2007

Neil Barnetson
     Try to enjoy yourself.  There’s no sense burning yourself out in school.  You’ll just end up burnt out the rest of your life.
Derek Binnersley
     Don’t look back on your mistakes.  if something happens, just move on or else the stress factor will become too much to handle.  Mistakes are meant to help show you what you need to improve on, so take them as encouragement to do better in the future.
Sheldon Bond
     There’s a big world out there, surround yourself with people who you love to be around, and act on your own values.  When things get rough, you’ll already know what needs to be done.  They tell us life is short, so don’t waste any time.
Anja Braun
     Work hard, but remember to have lots of fun (that doesn’t involve skipping)!!
Spencer Britz
     In my final year I have realized how fast time has gone by.  Take advantage of your time here, and don’t put things off.  Get involved as much as you possibly can, because before you know it you will be the one writing this.
Jiyun Chung
     Get involved, do your best at school, but DON’T wear yourself out!
William Cope
     Have fun while you can.  Seriously, grade twelve is by far the best year of the four, and there’s all the more opportunity to have a good time.  Also, put your effort into school at the start of the year because it’s extremely hard at the end.
Mike Cox
     High school is fun, but not the best years of your life.  Look forward to meeting the coolest people by travelling the world and going to university.  Make life after high school the best years by working hard now, and playing hard later!
Bryan Dell
     Plan your studies so that you have an easy (as far as academics are concerned) grade twelve year to spend with your friends, complete scholarship applications, and plan your future.  Be sure to get involved in the community.  The opportunities are endless.  Embrace them, and see what you can accomplish.
Kellen Epp
     “Join rowing”  This is the best advice I can give for any reasonably athletic person.  Nanaimo Rowing Club, on Long Lake, offers a variety of programs from competitive to recreational.  This is a great way to get fit and learn skills that will transfer to all aspects of your life.
Nicole Eriks
     Live your life to the fullest, and never be afraid to try.  At KSS, you should do your best to get as involved as possible and pack as much fun as you can into all four years.
Gareth Evans
     Get involved in school activities and get to know lots of people.  Most importantly, decide to take an interest in your studies.  make sure you enjoy your education.  Learning should be satisfying.
Courtney Fantinato
     Take part in the many things that KSS has to offer.  It will make your years at KSS more interesting, and may be beneficial in the long run.
Jared Foulds
     Take advantage of all the opportunities put in front of you, and be the best you can be.
Atish Gadiyar
     Give high school the best you can give, and stay committed to the community.  Engage in learning academically as well as in athletics.
Adrienne Gibbs
     Ask questions whenever possible.  Answer questions with more questions.  There are no stupid questions.
Alex Grant
     Don’t make high school the best part of your life.  Work hard here and have fun forever after.
Stephanie Gray
     Get as much education as you can.  Also, plan out the courses you will need in the future, ahead of time.
Meagan Gwilt
     It goes way too fast, and the world is waiting for you to go out and make a change.  Being yourself is what matters the most, and remember there is more to life than high school happenings.  ENJOY!
Josh Hagedorn
     Keep your options open by taking a variety of courses, because them you won’t be limited with what you can do in your future.
Caitlin Hartigan
     Take everything in at KSS, and don’t forget to have fun!  Play on the sports teams and take academic courses that interest you.  Work hard, but not too hard or you won’t have any fun!
Ryan Harvey
     Get involved in everything you can, in and out of school, and take as many classes as you can and in a wide variety.  Don’t leave any doors unopened, and make your own decisions.
Graeme Hendricks
     Take advantage of EVERYTHING that KSS has to offer.  This is the only time in your life that you can live like this, so make it the best that you can.  Have fun, but stay focused, and don’t forget what you want to do, and what you need to do to get there.
Ashley Hickey
     Be yourself, become your best, and remember, like is as good as you make it.
Stuart Kerr
     Whatever you do, give 100%!
Ryan Key
     Do things like Spicer`s trips, as they will broaden your horizons.  We live in a small town with a limited view of the world, and any opportunity to let you see the rest of it will likely influence your decisions and goals.
Sarah Kirby
     For all of you still stuck inside these four walls of KSS, get involved as much as possible.  Work hard, but you also need time to socialize and have fun. (But not in class, it ticks the teachers off!).  A lot of memories come from high school, but you need to do that extra little bit of studying to get your life that much farther ahead.
Corey Koelewyn
     Being smart isn`t enough.  Hard work and getting things in on time is probably the most important thing.  Also enjoy the time you spend at KSS, because at the end of grade 12 you might have wanted to do more.
Leanne Meads
     My advice is to get involved with as much as you possibly can.  Take advantage of every opportunity that is put in front of you.  Make your years in high school the best they can possibly be.
Kaelyn Michayluk
     When grade 12 finally arrives, some may find it time to relax, but there are so many exciting opportunities to take part in.  Make sure to keep the end goal in mind, and that final year will be fun and fulfilling.
Luca Mihalj
     You are beautiful in every single way, and words can`t bring you down, oh no, don`t you bring me down today.
Amanda Moilliet
     High school goes by way quicker than you`d think; you can`t take it for granted.  Make these four years the est of your life so far, and be involved in everything possible in school.
Danielle Poland
     Join the KSS swim team.  You don`t have to be an excellent swimmer, it`s lots of fun and everybody`s welcome to join.
Emma Postl
     `Don`t become the thing you hated.“
Megan Pratley
     Live in the moment and get involved with school.  Like they say, these four years go by in a blink!  Don`t be afraid to take on challenges, and always enjoy good times with friends.
Tyrel Ritchie
     Just enjoy it.  Go to every party that you can, and just have fun  It`s your last free time in your life before you have to work.
Krystina Stahley
     Effort is what takes you places!  Focus on your studies, but have fun while you are still young!!
Amanda Todd
     Balance.  Take the courses you need, but save room for those you love.  Study hard and do your homework, but leave time for yourself.  Go out with friends, but stay home watching movies and pigging out on munchies at times.
Alice Vinden
     High school is a great life experience.  Remember the good times and keep your options open.  Just get involved and learn.
Joanne Vinden
     Don`t waste your time here.  Have fun with the people you love most, keep your options open and have fun!  It`s a wild ride.  Good luck Brandy!!