Advice to Undergrads – 2008

Leanne Alexander
     DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN!  You will always remember your high school years so live it up.
Cheryl Anderson
     Take life as it comes, grab on to every opportunity you can because you never know what you might discover.  Meet new people and             enjoy yourself.  Take a hold of every learning experience that you can.  The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.
Emma Armstrong
     Live,love, laugh. Live the life that makes you happy and who you want to be.  Love always; just have fun doing the things you love in life so your high school memories are full of smiles.  Laugh everyday.  Don’t let the immature high school drama get to you:  laugh it off and know that you are happy.
Sarah Austin
     Don’t start thinking school is stupid.  if you really try all through high school, I guarantee you won’t regret it.
Bruce Biro
     Work hard.  Find one thing you love, don’t let it go and work hard to make it better.  Have fun and make mistakes.  We don’t learn anything when we’re perfect.
Kevin Boorer
     Don’t procrastinate nor be pessimistic.  Join some clubs, groups, etc.  Have fun and make the best of it.
Daniel Brown
     Just do what you do and get these years over with.  Have fun because at the end of it all, you won’t be allowed to.
Kyla Campbell
     For all of the undergrads…  live every moment to its fullest while there is a lot less to worry about.  Take on every challenge with ocurage and set out goals to achieve before high school is over.
Allena Cave
     I know the days are long and the work is tedious, but trust me, grade twelve goes by very fast, so enjoy it.  “You’re going to miss this.  You’re going to want this back.  You’re going to wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast.  These are some good times so take a good look around.  You may not know it now, but you’re going to miss this” – Trace Atkins
Katherine Cearns
     Finish your assignments as soon as you get them and study hard for tests.  Don’t fall into procrastination or you’ll have a really hard time getting out of it.  Be nice to your teachers and they’ll be nice to you.  Take care of yourself and have as much fun as you can.
Mark Evans
     Stay healthy and get involved in school activities.  Be thankful for what you have.  Get to know your parents.  Look both ways before crossing the street.
Mariana Fernandez
      Be authentic!  Live your life only as you know how to!  Experience new things, but always take responsibility for your actions.  Most of all, have fun!
Cody Forssell
     “Don’t throw eggs, cook ’em” – Kurulak
Emma Fraser
     Don’t hold back!  Make the most of everything.  Dig in and enjoy!  Don’t let cliques define you.  Branch out.  Don’t be scared to put yourself out there because what more can life be than stagnant if you don’t take a risk?  If you mess up, it’s only high school.  This too shall pass.
Luke Freeman
     My advice for the undergrads is “Carpe Diem” which means, “Seize the day”.  Take every opportunity presented to you and live each day like it’s your last.
Mary Galloway
     Try not to stress out too much.  Enjoy everything you do, take a few courses that are new to you with an open mind.  meet lots of new people, and treat everyone with respect.
Brittany Grozell
     The four years at KSS fly by and the one thing I regret is not getting to know my grad class better.  Make sure you get involved in school events and hang out with as many people as possible because chances are once you graduate you’ll regret not getting to know them when you had the chance.
Adam Hagedorn
      To be honest, don’t worry too much about your grade 9-10 classes.  When you get to grades 11 and 12, it is then that you have to start trying so you can get into any school you want.

Lauren Hoskins
     Never stop asking questions and learning things about the worl and people around you.  Take time to appreciate the things you have and make the most out of every opportunity life gives you.
Adam Kim
     Try everything you can during your years at high school.  Try to get involved in school activities.  Join one of our many sports teams.  Also, it is good to have records of school activities when you apply for universities.
Jessica Klassen
     Despite the pressure to know what you’re doing after high school, it’s not really all that important.  So ignore the pressure and enjoy the high school years….  don’t let grades slip though.
Wing In Ko
     Your years at KSS are the best times of your life.  Time passes so fast that you can’t imagine how fast it is.  Watch your time and get involved in every activity.  Join more clubs and spend more time gathering with your friends.  Try to make your school time valuable.
William Large
     Keep on doing what you do, do, do until it’s done, done, done!
Kim Lavoie
     Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things.  You don’t want to look back on your life with regrets of things you wish you had done.
Jade Lee
     Enjoy your school life from now on.  it is the best period for learning.  Feel free to achieve your dreams and get involved in everything.  These will be the most treasured memories of your life.  Also, enrich your knowledge, getting ready for your wonderful future.
Hayden Lister
     Regretfully, I must say that I don’t have any special advice that has never been said.  To state the overstated, I would have to say that grad comes much quicker than you think and that you should take the classes you like, and overall, enjoy yourself.
Chris McClure
     Get involved in what the school has to offer.  Get things done and do not procrastinate.
Carlena McIntyre
     Don’t procrastinate, be as involved as you can, make smart choices and “when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.”
Dan McLean
     Make an effort to try new courses/programs that you are unfamiliar with.  If you are an analytical person, take art or media.  If you happen to be creative and innovative, take a science like physics or chemistry.  It’s nice to strengthen one skill that suits you, but a little variety couldn’t hurt anyone.  Keep Kondor rugby alive.  tell your friends and if and when they say they’re too small, give them a false sense of security and get them out there!
Taylor McLeod
     Don’t worry!  You don’t need to worry about life, your future, your career, or even your girl/boyfriend.  Just remember that if you really want something in your life, you will try your hardest to achieve it.  If you don’t succeed, then that’s okay because you tried your hardest and it just wasn’t meant to be.
Emily Mueller
     Don’t ever forget to take time to smell the flowers.  Life can get busy.  Between school and everything outside school, the simple things can get left behind.  Remember that simple joys are best and take time to enjoy them with those you love.
Brittny Ohs
     Grad year goes by quicker than you think!  Learn about scholarships early and work on your grad transitions project throughout the year – it’s not all that hard!
Jessica Paravicini
      Don’t focus too much on school, have fun because the four years fly past fast.
Dane Pearson
     Do well in principles of math 12 the first time around!  Be active in as many school groups/teams as possible.  You will meet new people and at the end of the day you’ll feel better about yourself.  Stick to your beliefs but don’t be ignorant, you can always learn.  Be true to yourself nd be as kind as possible.  Good luck, have fun!
Courtney Rix
     The four years really go by fast so don’t procrastinate!  Get involved, volunteer, and do not put off your homework or any other requirements.  You’ll be glad you didn’t!
Jason Saliani
     Don’t sweat the petty things.
Alex Seeley
     Have fun in your last year.  It is one of the most important times in your life.  Don’t let it just go by; make as many memories as you can with it.
Trevor Simpson
     Treasure your time in high school.  Don’t take your life or others for granted because before you know it, it’s all coming to an end.  Get involved in everything; sports, clubs and interesting courses.  Keep high school life from becoming boring.
Alyssa Sommerfeld
     Make the most of your time because Grade 12 goes by so fast.  Work hard in grades 10 and 11 so grade 12 can be easy and most of all have fun because it is an experience you only get to have once.
Robert Stewart
     Try to analyze the world around you.  Accept nothing for its standard definition.  Look beyond the cover upon it.  This is where the important lessons in life can be learned.  Be yourself and do something you love and feel it is important.
Zach Stonley
     Work hard and make the best of your years at KSS.  Time goes fast and you will be done in no time.  Be positive and make sure you have fun.
Ilya Tchernov
     Life is too short to waste on something you don’t like or enjoy doing, so follow your dream and be optimistic.  Don’t keep looking back and regret anything you’ve done; just learn from it.
Carly Trimble
      Your four years of high school are supposed to be the best time of your life, so don’t get involved in all the “high school drama”.  Don’t change who you are to please someone else.  Stay focused on what’s important to you and have fun.
Jamie Vandermeer
     Stop telling yourself you’ll be happy when….  you get this grade or you’ll be happy when you complete that course.  Enjoy the present and you’ll be happy NOW!
Natasha Vickerd
     I believe that your years of high school are the most important in your life and you will have these memories forever.  Experience the most that you can, try things you never thought you would and make the best of this experience, but never lose focus.
Jessica Virgin
     Take advantage of high school.  It’s the best time of your life and goes by way too fast.  Have fun doing everything, and go on the Eurotrip!
Emma Whanstall
     In the four years at high school, you learn a lot about yourself and the people around you.  It’s not just about the boring academic stuff.  Make sure you seize every opportunity and make the most of it.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone and stay true to yourself.  Oh, and DON’T PROCRASTINATE!
George Wharmby
     Have fun.  Don’t get wrapped up in test scores or averages.  Make the most of your time here because it’s over before you know it! Get involved at school, go to fire-camp and participate in teh EMR program.  But most of all just chill out and have fun at what you’re doing.
Julien Williams
     My best experience in my four years of high school was going to Sweden on a Rotary Exchange.  My advice to undergrads would be to try and go on an exchange because it is an amazing experience.
Bora Won
     High school is going to be something that you’ll never forget in life.  Take all the chances given and make it all yours!  You can be the happiest person at anytime, anywhere.
Aaron Wong
     Well, there is going to be tons of work for you guys this year, but don’t panic yet because there are too many cool and amazing things coming up for you in grade 12!  Be active!  Get involved in a sports team or in band.  Or even do some crazy and sweet things, how about and “inter-school hallway” all-star soccer match?  Why not?  No matter how you do it, grade 12 has to rock!  Go Knodors!