Advice to Undergrads – 2009

Brian Anderson
     Everyone should join at least one club or committee.  It gets you involved and keeps you busy.

Cory Binnersley
     Get involved.  Time flies in high school, so make the most of it. 

Tory Borsboom
Mariko Brown
     These are the best 4 years of your life, so get involved and stay busy.  Take courses that you enjoy and make new friends. 

Darren Buchanan
     Take advantage of everything!  Do everything!  Participate in all that your school has to offer, from prom to fire camp to the soccer team and even food safe.  This is the place where you are given the greatest opportunities, so take advantage of them.

Kris Burger
     Don’t grow up!  It’s unbelievable how fast time goes, then it’s gone, so get into as much trouble as possible, and see as much as you can, because Qualicum is just a speck on a map. 

Mollie Campbell

Chavapon Charoenlab
     Because time passes so quickly, it is important to make the most of every minute.  Pay attention to everything that you teachers have to offer.  Put your best effort into everything you do.  Work hard, play hard.

Jesse Doolin
     Remember that even though you don’t plan on getting a job writing English it is still included in your grade average, so don’t fail it.

Emily Dudek
     Take as many classes as you can while they are free!  Do not spend your time worrying about what other people are thinking of you, just be yourself. 

Sheldon Foote
     Follow your interests, take advantage of opportunities, and don’t take high school too seriously.

Rowan Forseth
Jessica Freeman
     Get involved and take advantage of this free education!  Join clubs and sports teams, take every class you can with Mr. Abel, and don’t get caught up in the drama of high school. 

Kali Gordon 

Tom Hartman
     Get to know as many people as you can and make your memories with them, inside and outside of school.  Never take your eyes off the prize. 

Stephen Hogg
     Keep on keepin’ on!  Take every opportunity you can, go on trips, see the world.  Have fun while you are still young. 

Mathew Hopkins 
     Go out into the world ready for anything.  Try new things, you may end up finding a new sport or hobby you enjoy.  I discovered surfing and I’m extremely thrilled by it.  Even if you don’t like what you did, what’s the worst that would happen?  You may lose some of your massive amounts of spare time.

Alex Kerr
     Act before you think. 

Christina Kruit 
     One thing I have learned is that all the old cliched sayings are true.  Strive for excellence, get involved and don’t let any opportunity pass you by.  Push your own boundaries and live without regret.  Believe in yourself.

Joel Kumlin
     Have fun!  These are the last years before you are on your own.  Live, laugh, love. 

Jeremy Mathison
Taylor MacDougall
     Get involved with KSS events.  The more involved you are, the more tight-knit your grad class will become. and the better your grad year will be.  Take lots of photos and smile and laugh all the time, because memories last forever. 

Tyler Michaels
     Remember that most of what you learn doesn’t come to you in the classroom.  The reason that we go to school isn’t to learn for the sake of learning, so try to put what you learn into practice.  READ, and whenever you can, try to do the things you care about instead of the things you have to.  And don’t forget to breathe. 

Clinton Nellist
     Keep up with your academics, but most of all get involved in your dry grad and prom activities.  This is the best year of school, so have fun.

Katie Ney
     Make the most of everything.  High school is a huge part of your life so take advantage of all the awesome experiences KSS has to offer.  Don’t stress too much and have fun. 

Haidee Rands 

Lauren Riva
     It’s cliche, and I’m sure someone else wrote this exact paragraph already, but avoid procrastination (as much as possible) and take advantage of all our opportunities.  It’s okay to be late occasionally, as long as you are ready to dance.  My five years of high school flew by, so it goes without saying that the average four will be even faster. 

Mychal Rodway
     Have fun.  Don’t be a library kid.  Join a sport. 

Megan Rogers
     Your time in high school will fly by so fast you won’t even notice so make the most of it.  Get involved in as much as you can.  Make great friends and have fun.  These are the best years of your life and you can only do it once. 

Derek Rushton 
     Qualicum Beach is part of a great area of Vancouver Island.  Take advantage of the close proximity of the ocean and the mountains.  Your life may lead you all over the world and you might want memories of the Island.

Jasmin Shim
Rheana Slack
     You don’t have to join every committee or sports team to have the ultimate high school experience.  Don’t be lazy or be satisfied with mediocre grades if you know you could have done better.  Putting in a little extra effort pays off and volunteering in the community looks great on a resume.  Spend much time with your friends because this is your last chance to be all together in a carefree environment. 

Jill Smith 
     Enjoy the few years you have in high school, because they go by faster than you could imagine.  Also, challenge yourself and don’t make excuses, not take that harder math class, and take lots of sciences, as more doors will be open for you.  And of course, have fun!  You’re only a teenager once;  don’t live the rest of your life with any regrets.

Spencer Tyson
Heidi Van Vliet
     Take every opportunity life gives you. 

Stephanie Webster
     Work hard.  It’s very important to keep up in classes and always do your homework. 

Amelia Whitelaw
     Don’t wait until your last year of high school to get to know everyone in your grad class!  Also, make sure you get involved in all the events; pajama day, Halloween, etc.  Those are the things you will remember. 

Madeleine Windfield
     All is free in love and work….  keep going after what you want even if you fail, you will not regret the journey.

Taylor Zornes
     Be all that you can be. 

Troy Zornes
     My advice for KSS undergraduates is to take a vast number of courses and really figure out what you are interested in.  Also have fun, make a lot of friends and enjoy your high school years.