Advice for Undergrads – 2010

Joel Adamson
If you don’t have a career planned, take everything.  Don’t waste time or you may have to pay more to take supplementary courses at a University for no good reason.

Julie Arnold
Grade twelve will be one of the best years of your life, and a step into your future.  Make it the best it can be.  Get involved, learn as much as you can, but most of all, have fun!

Alina Baker

Kevin Board
Break out of your comfort zone as fast as you can!  Once you begin to experience all the diversity in high school you will grow as a person in tremendous ways, and become more diverse for future years.

Emma Burger
Fit as many things into your day as you can.  Get involved with all school activities, because you’re only going to be in high school once.  Go party, meet new people, and join every sports team available, because they make you look forward to every day!  But most of all, just be yourself.

Chelsea Carson
My advice is to just try your best.  Don’t underestimate yourself.

Dylan Conover
Never, ever leave assignments until the last night before they are due.  Don’t believe the mentality that one works best under pressure; it simply is not true.  Complete homework as quickly as you can, it will save you from tremendous (and unnecessary) anxiety and stress.

Melanie Ducharme-Poulin
Work hard; never give up, and in the end it will pay off.

Madeleine Dwyer
Strive to find passion and balance in your life.  Try to keep everything in perspective.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in high school, but before you know it, graduation day will come.  Live in the present but remember that your life will change exponentially after these four years.

Stephen Frampton
Take advantage of everything KSS has to offer.  Join all the teams you can, actively participate in school events, and join many clubs.

Jacqueline Greenard
If there’s an opportunity presented to you, make sure you take it.  Life is too short to simply stand around.  Get involved, take charge, and make sure that your last year at KSS will form memories to last you a lifetime.

Liam Hayes
Work hard, but not too hard.  By combining equal parts of work and fun, high school will be much more enjoyable.  Try to expand your interests by taking a variety of different courses.  Theatre class with Ms. Rowan is amazing, so join it!

Elizabeth Heslop
If your gut tells you to take something, take it; otherwise you might regret it once you get to grade twelve.  I know I regret not taking some classes, but I can`t change the past.  On another note, remember to find that balance between school and fun.

Erika Holland
Once you reach your final year of high school, everything happens at once.  Harder courses, scholarship deadlines, applying for Universities, working and extracurricular activities are all-consuming.  Your free time rapidly disappears and the homework piles up.  My advice to you would be to take as many core courses as you can in your junior years, and then sit back and enjoy your senior years (relatively) stress free.

Kaylee Houde
Keep on keepin`on.  Being who you truly are and doing the things you love are both very important.  Keep this in mind when picking your courses and while planning your future.  Also, set goals and reward yourself for meeting them, and you will be headed for the stars or anywhere in between.

Jacqueline Koelewyn
Rock the school spirit!  Seriously, the best thing I did was get involved.  KSS offers so many teams, clubs, groups, clans, shows, spirit days and activities that everyone should be able to find something that appeals to them! My grade 12 year was extremely memorable due to my involvement in extracurricular activities.

Jennifer Lawrenuk
Don`t let high school pass you by!  Take every chance you get here.  You need to enjoy your life but be mindful about your school work.  Don`t take high school as a joke; it is what determines your future.

Harry Lee
As long as you do your homework and respect teachers and students, you will do fine at KSS.  This means that most of the time is for you!  Enjoy your high school life by joining clubs.  Volunteering is another great way to have fun and feel happy.  Always try to find joy in anything you do and think optimistically.

Chris Lo-Pryke
Don`t be someone you`re not.  Simply be yourself.

Mercedes MacDougall
Don`t be shy and try not to pass up opportunities that come your way!  Four years may seem like a long time but it flies by way too quickly!  High school is the time of your life when you meet incredible people and make amazing memories.  Just stay true to yourself and have fun!

Connor McLeod
Memories are made from special times with friends.  As successful as you may be in your academic courses, don`t forget to take advantage of the leadership and creative opportunities available to you.  Participating in grad council allowed me to take a leadership role in my grade 12 year.  Some of the best times I had at KSS were in my fine arts courses.  It was awesome to see our creations coming to life in video and drama productions.

Gordon McMahon
Leaving everything to the last minute, not studying and staying up late might be fun things to do, but aren`t very good ideas, if you want to do well in school.  You may hear many speaking of the virtues of laziness, but do not believe them.

Matthew Nagra
Join in with all the activities KSS has to offer.  Take an assortment of courses, from sciences, to math, to applied skills.  Join the band program, or play on one of the many sports teams.  If you don`t get involved, you`ll regret it later on.

Brandee Ritchie
My advice to the younger students is that education is the key but, it is not only found in schools.  When looking for education, look for quality, look for enjoyment.

Thomas Riva
Don`t worry about the little things and try to stay as stress free as possible.

D`Laine Robertson-Hooper
Focus on studying but also make room in your schedule for electives.  This way you can give your brain a break between difficult courses.

Claire Stechishin
High school teaches the lessons that allow you to function in life.  By letting high school pass you by without effort, you are rightfully enabling yourself to struggle in life.  Get involved and work hard.

Brittany Summerhayes
Don`t make eye contact with your teachers if you don`t want to be called on.  Also, being involved in a good variety of school based activities will expand your horizons, so you should do that too.

Christie Tustin
Do not concentrate on the end, but be present every day.  Time goes by quickly and before you know it, you will have approached June of your graduation year.  Also, do not judge your peers.  You may be surprised at how well you`ll get along with someone you never expected to.  It is okay to be friends with a variety of people.