Advice to Undergrads – 2016

Sean Becker

Realize quickly how important it is to put your all into what you love. Each and every hour spent adds to the success you’ll find.

Elysia Biro

My advice to undergrads is to always be positive in all aspects of life, and to always keep a good work ethic, as this will not only help in schooling, but in many other aspects of your life.

Spencer Carlyle

Keep up with your work! If you fall behind it just creates a snowball of stress and makes it less likely you’ll get it done in the end. If you get things done before the teacher starts chasing you down (if they do), things will go a lot smoother.

Shea Carmichael

Don’t overlook the courses and activities that you enjoy. Taking a course in something which may not help towards your career plan can be beneficial in many other ways. Who knows? Maybe it will help you put together your future career and your passions, and that’s the dream.

Rachel Costall

Never think you are not smart enough to conquer your dreams. I started off at this school with a grade 4 math level and a grade 3 reading level,; with a bad attitude and no hope for the future.  I am able to make this great achievement in my life all through hard work and perseverance. With a good work ethic you are capable of anything.

Rowan Costall

Hard work up front pays off in the end so don’t slack off now. Keep your studies as your main priority and try your hardest to not get side tracked.

Ingrid De Boer

Take advantage of every opportunity KSS has to offer; try your best and work hard.

Sophie Denton-Kadlubowski

Don’t set limits for yourself based on your current academic standing, financial status, or other things that can limit you. If you have a dream to reach a certain goal, you can make it possible.

Marian Easton

Work hard in school, but be sure to let other aspects of your life have importance too.

Theo Faust-Robinson

My best advice would be to work as hard as you can and to take whatever you need to keep all your interests open.

Daniel Handley

Don’t run for Grad President!

Liam Hansson

Be in touch with your passions and interests. Choosing a specific career is next to impossible at this age, but knowing what you enjoy and having a general, albeit vague goal to work towards, will help you choose the best classes for you.  Stay motivated to do your best.

Daniel Heinrichs

Work as hard as you can to achieve your goals and try courses you think you may enjoy, even if you are not sure.

Natasha Henricksson

High school is meaningless in the long run so don’t worry too much about it! Also, don’t be afraid to take risks, and try not to let anxiety control your social experiences. A  good quote to live by is, “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

David Hildebrandt

Get some good friends and don’t feel bad about taking some time to have fun.  Enjoy your time in high school, even if it gets a little stressful at times.  Relax and have fun.

Sydney Holland

Don’t dismiss your grade ten or eleven grades just because they don’t matter to universities! The study habits that you learn here will pay off in later years! Study hard, be involved, and most importantly, do what makes you happy!

Robert Hunter

Enjoy your time throughout high school. Learn how to study leading up to Grade 12, but participate in sports and become involved in your community.  Some of those lessons will benefit you in ways school will never be able to.

Stewart Isbister

Don’t worry about what others are doing.  Do what you need to do to get what you want to get.

Zoe Jacobson

Try to keep a balance between your school work, social life, and work.  If one is more heavily weighted than the others, you will lose your focus and have a stressful time in high school.

Caitlin Leachman

Make sure to take courses that interest you as well as the ones that you need for your future courses.  It is important to have a class at school that you can enjoy and look forward to.

Larissa Lindstrom

Time management is a key to success. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by spreading yourself too thin and then end up finishing everything last minute with poor quality.

Aidan Macleod

Stay focused.  Nothing is impossible, but not everything comes from effort either; work smart, not hard.

Amelie McFadden

Learn how to study, and take courses seriously.  Learn time management methods and volunteer within your community.

Jenna Milne

To always work hard, to study hard and also not to be afraid to ask the teachers for help. Teachers are here to see students learn and do their best! So take advantage of that.

Montanna Mosher

Find a sleep routine that works for you!! Sleep is a lot more important than you might think, and getting a good sleep will really pay off in the end.

Connor Pickard

The advice I’d give to students who have not yet graduated, or better yet to my grade 9 self, is to just get the homework done. It is always easier than it seems, and stressing about it and putting it off isn’t going to help. Also, make sure you leave time to figure out who you are outside of school. Last but not least, do not schedule English 12 for the last semester of grade 12.

Mykena Pitcairn

Stay focused, especially when the learning gets hard. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Stay out of the drama of high school.  At the end of the day, it’s not worth it. Take classes you enjoy as much as you can.  Get involved in school activities whether it be sports, clubs, or music.  Don’t stress.  It all works out at the end of the day.

Felix Richter

Try not to stress too hard because in the end, if you do what you can and focus, things will always work out. Have fun and kick some butt.

Connor Runnings

Try everything – honestly. Do extra-curricular activities.  Don’t worry so much about having friends; just follow what you like to do, and the right friends will find you.  Keep trying new things, and when you find something you really want to do, keep doing it, and let nothing stop you.

Lucas Sposato

As difficult as it may seem, maintaining strong grades, and focusing in school is very crucial. It’s always good to have fun, but don’t procrastinate too much.  Manage your time, be organized, and you will do well.  Find yourself some strong study habits; they will be key for you in high school, and in future schooling.

Maya Steen

Work on developing good relationships with your teachers.  They are there to help you, so use them.  If you show them you care about you education, they will likely go out of their way to help you achieve your goals.

Larissa Stefanek

My advice to younger students is to take classes you enjoy and are interested in, but also the ones required.  I would also recommend joining sports teams, because through those I met many of my friends and new people as well.

Kiara Strijack

Take every opportunity you can! You’ll thank yourself later. Surround yourself with supportive people, and avoid people who affect you negatively.  Finally, don’t let stress overrule you.  Make time for fun!

Kyra Wilson

The first and possibly best advice I’ve received for high school and post-secondary was given to me by a teacher.  It was that the first assignment that you ever hand in to a new teacher must be your best work ever, as that gives the first impression that you are a hard worker. Make sure you stand up for your beliefs, but not to an extreme amount. Also make sure to get a job because everything is expensive

Masato Wilson

Try to keep your procrastination to a minimum, and enjoy your time in high school by participating in sports and/or other extracurricular activities.

Grace Yacoboski

My advice to undergrads is to keep on top of your studies, or you will become quite overwhelmed and put more stress on yourselves than need be. Try and keep a well-balanced schedule, and be sure to include time for yourself, to just have fun!

Alisha Yarnham

Persevere and keeping trying in every subject even when it gets tough. Remember that everyone is in the same boat, and that you are never alone throughout your time in high school. Do what you love, and not what others want you to do.  Be you.