Advice to Undergrads – 2019


If you feel like the world is falling down around you and you’re the only one struggling, remember that everyone faces adverse  challenges in their lives.


Stay on top of your work, and if you fall behind, don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher and get help. Also participate in grad functions. It’s so much fun and really brings you closer to your fellow grads.


I encourage undergrads to participate in sports, as they provide unique and memorable experiences. I believe that it is a privilege to e given a free education and I think that students should take advantage of it by taking as many classes as possible. Even if the class does not help them now, it may greatly benefit them in their future.


Don’t be afraid to take classes that your friends may no be taking! You have to decide for yourself what you want to try or what you’re interested in! Also, take Scholarships Prep class in grade 12 – it’s very helpful!


I know it is generic to say “stay on top of all of your homework” but I think that it is very important because it piles up quickly and it can be difficult to catch up. Get ahead on your classes. You will thank yourself if you have an easier grad year! I would also recommend being involved in all of your grad activities even if you aren’t necessarily interested in all of them. It is important to make your grad year special and memorable since it will be the last time you are with your entire group of friends.


Don’t get stuck in a mindset of not wanting to be at school or go to class. Instead, use school as your own recourse full of opportunities you can take advantage of to work for you.


Find a balance between school and outside school activities. If you learn to manage your time and work wisely, high school will be less stressful and overwhelming.


Learn how to balance personal life and school life. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and taking time for yourself is more important than you might initially think.


Don’t take your time at KSS for granted. Five years goes by very quickly, and before you know it, you’ll be graduating!


As important as studying and doing your homework is, don’t forget to have some fun!


Just go for it. Strive to do the best you can do and really try to challenge yourself. Choose hard courses and try to go the extra mile in the courses you have now; the feeling of euphoria that comes with completing a difficult course greatly outweighs the stress you’ll feel during it.


Stay on task and manage your time well. Try to take part in as many activities as you can; school is not all about academics so save some time for fun. Lastly, try not to stress out too much. It may be hard but just remember to do your best and everything will fall into place in its own time.


It is important to maintain a certain academic average in order to achieve your goals. However, make sure you leave time to do things for yourself. When reflecting on your high school years, make sure you’ve made memories with your friends and loved ones because high school only happens once.


Develping a good work ethic now is pivotal. I didn’t start to develop a good one until the latter half of grade eleven, and my earlier grades suffered for it. I would also advise getting experience in the community. Volunteering, participating in programs, and other forms of exposure to the world are critical to having a good resume, and to perhaps guiding you towards what you want in the future.


Don’t lose your hobbies as school gets harder! It is very valuable to have an activity from your teen years to continue after high school.


Do not compare yourself to your peers. I often struggled with this during my time in high school, but in grade 12, I came to the realization that the only wat to do well, is to stop worrying about what others are doing and focus on myself. As long as you stay in your own lane and are humble with your accomplishments, you will continue to succeed in whatever it is you are doing.


Get a vague idea of what you want to do with your future in grade 9. Take classes that will keep alternate paths open for you. No matter how much you hate second language class, stick with it because second languages are more important than you think.


Don’t give up. School can be stressful and overwhelming, but if you try hard them it will all work itself out. Also, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have everything figured out. You have your whole life to do that.


Explore all your options! You never know what kind of opportunities are waiting for you.


My advice to undergrads is to enjoy grade 12. Participate in grad activities and spend time with your peers. You are only in high school once and these memories are very important.


Become friends with your teachers. Having their help and support will make your time in school easier and more enjoyable. They want to see you succeed.


Have fun and keep on top of you deadlines because it’s hard to catch up. Know which classes you need to allocate the most study time to.


Take more risks and don’t be afraid to take a multitude of courses. Try to figure out the classes you enjoy and attempt to further your understanding in that area. Always strive to be a better person and make amazing memories.


Stay focused on school while taking time for yourself and the things you love to do.