Student Profiles – 2019

Rhys Abel

I feel fortunate to be drawn to those in my community who face challenges due to lifelong diagnoses, minority prejudices or social constraints. For over a decade, I have served with multiple charities on Vancouver Island fostering my desire to help people, as well as animals, to find strength in one another. Over the years with these organizations, I have matured into a key, multifaceted contributor for charities and a variety of promotional functions. In the future, I see myself immersed in volunteering wherever I may be.

Eliisa Belveal

The thought of researching something I love for the rest of my life motivates me. I plan on studying biological and pharmaceutical chemistry in university. With this degree I will complete research and advance medicine. I hope one day I will have an impact in the pharmaceutical industry. I have really enjoyed high school as it helped me find my passion for science and it taught me great life skills.

Sequoiah Bevilaqua

I am grateful to my community for providing me endless opportunities and experiences. I plan to further my education with a degree in kinesiology, followed by medical school, and a career in pediatric surgery. Volunteering through 4-H has helped me discover my passions for helping and teaching others. A quote that I aspire to is “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others: for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness: and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” – Audrey Hepburn

Lachlan Craven

From a young age, I have always been very passionate about music. I am grateful to have been nurtured by the music program at KSS, which has had a huge role in shaping who I am today. Other than music, I enjoy traveling, fly fishing, hiking, skiing, and hanging out with friends. I hope to continue my musical and experiential growth by studying in Amsterdam over the coming years, and one day inspiring others with the music I make.

Brittaney Farrington

Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to be a student in the school district’s Rivers, Oceans, and Mountains School, where I enjoyed my favourite outdoor activities such as surfing, rock climbing, and snowboarding. Since completing this program, I am now a member of the Mt. Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol. I have always had a love for horses and I have been a member of the Coombs Country 4-H Horse Club for the past six years. Through my passion for biology and health sciences, I hope to pursue a career in the medical field.

Keli-Ann Gray

Throughout my high school career, I have pursued academic excellence by pushing myself through difficult situations. I am blessed with a sense of motivation in everything I do, which I believe is a result of being a home schooled student for the first 10.5 years of my education. From the beginnings of high school, I have discovered that I have a strong admiration for English and history. As my grade 12 year comes to a close, these core courses have galvanized a desire to pursue a career in event management. I foresee myself being a charismatic leader in the world of business, and I look forward to wherever that may take me.

Nicole Hague

I am a very determined and outgoing person who loves to take on new challenges. This year I decided, along with some other students from KSS, to challenge myself and go to the Dominican Republic to help build houses for the less fortunate. KSS has exposed me to such great opportunities over the past 5 years; I would have never been able to experience or accomplish these things on my own. Next year I plan on going to university, and in the near future, I see myself building a career with a degree in business.

Megan Handley

My years in Qualicum have taken me everywhere from Shoots with Roots in kindergarten to musical productions with Echo and B2B. Parts of my education have been unconventional – I spent a year at an outdoor education centre on Saturna Island, and there I discovered what I want to spend my life doing. I am happiest when I am outside in the forest or the garden, and am passionate about sustainability. Next year I hope to attend UVic’s Environmental Studies program.

Mateo Jaeckel

During my years at KSS, I have been heavily involved in the music program. My time in high school has been very enjoyable, and I have developed a passion for music. For post-secondary, I hope to get my Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance at the University of Toronto, or at the Schulich School of Music at McGill.

Taylor Lee

I am an athletic, hardworking, focused student. I like to play any sport but my favourite is ice hockey. I have played for nine years and hope to continue playing in the future. After high school, I plan to pursue a degree in the sciences at a Canadian university. I also hope to see more of Canada when I leave home.

Joshua McKenzie

I’m a hardworking and persistent student who excels in math and English. I am passionate about writing and movies. Truthfully, I don’t know yet what I want my future to look like, but I’m working towards a business degree. Sometimes the grandness of the world overwhelms me, but preparing for what is to come keeps me grounded. I admire Mahatma Gandhi, as he logically and peacefully rebelled in a time of crisis and discrimination.

Louise Morris

Throughout my time at KSS, I have discovered much about myself. I have become a more confident, caring and well-rounded individual. I have been involved with KSS Leadership where I have volunteered in both school and community events. I am creative and hardworking, which has helped me in my academic studies. Next year, I plan to continue my studies in the UK where I aim to achieve a Bachelor of Science degree in veterinary medicine, while creating new memories and experiences along the way.

Kiona Murphy

I’ve always admired those brave enough to help others. As a result, after high school, I will be attending university for my Bachelor of Science in nursing. My ultimate goal is to apply my knowledge to help those who need it the most. Eventually, I might decide to further my education and attend medical school. I am very thankful for my high school experience. Support from my family, friends and teachers allows me to confidently begin the next chapter of my life.

Logan Pike

It is important for the future generation to become stewards and leaders of the environment, and the ability to make decisions about the future of our planet is critical. My aspirations are to purse a degree in environmental engineering; coming up with innovative solutions for renewable energy and wastewater treatment. I believe I have gained leadership skills through my involvement in the Rotary Interact club, my trip to Ottawa through Encounters with Canada, and my five years in the music program while at KSS.

Erin Plank

I would like to improve the world not by using my voice to speak above others, but instead by using it as a microphone for those less privileged than myself. A quote I live by is “Always be around” (John Cage) as I am inspired by everything I come into contact with, and intend to grow from my surroundings continually in the future. I believe that we must not look at the world with contempt and yet remain complicit.

Sydney Raduy

Throughout high school, I have discovered many passions that have shaped me into the person I am today. Aside from academics, I have dedicated significant time volunteering at local hospitals and clinics, as well as participating in a humanitarian house-building trip to the Dominican Republic. I also swam competitively for 7 years which led me to become a swim coach for younger children. Having the ability to help people is something I truly admire and hope to pursue by attaining a Bachelor of Health Science Degree and one day entering the medical field to become a pediatrician.

Wyndm Robinson

I have lived in Qualicum Beach my whole life, and am honoured to call it my home. My post-secondary plans are to head to UVic for a Bachelor of Commerce degree. 10 years from now I see myself with a career in the finance industry, working towards starting up an investment firm.

Faith Scoffings

I do not know exactly what the world has in store for me but I am motivated. I am determined to pursue my passion to become an engineer. I am part of the Interact club at school which raises money for local and international charities. “There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky, and you ask ‘What if I fall?’ Oh but my darling, what if you fly?” -Erin Hanson

Sinead Strijack

I enjoy being in the outdoors, and I attended an ecological school on Saturna Island for grades 10 and 11. I have enjoyed being in vocal jazz and choir while attending KSS. I have been involved with the Parksville/Qualicum Oddstock 4-H club for many years. My plan is to pursue a Bachelors of Engineering degree at UBC or UVic next fall.

Rhiannon Terpstra

My post-secondary plan is to take my Bachelor of Science with the goal of pursuing a career in the medical field. Throughout high school I have spent a lot of time involved in sports and school clubs including basketball, volleyball, track and field, Interact Club and Grad Council. I also have spent time volunteering with the VIHA and in various other activities at school. I am excited to take these valuable experiences with me as I continue with my education.

Madilen Tokairin

My time spent at KSS has been very enjoyable. I have been given many opportunities to expand my horizons, and have used this to my advantage. I have been involved with Interact club, as well as the International Student Program in our district. After graduation, I plan on getting my Bachelor of Arts degree in criminology and pursuing a career in the criminal justice system. Later in life, I hope to advance and further my education.

Logan Ward

When I graduate, I am looking to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce degree. I am actively involved with the school and community in a variety of ways, and I have volunteered in the community as a youth leader for the RDN. I am very passionate about playing basketball and hockey. In the future, I plan on starting my own business or becoming an investment banker.

Hannah Worthen

Throughout my high school years I have participated in the school’s leadership club, team sports, and the Rotary Interact club. I have always admired people who chose a career path which excites them; the people who chose enjoyment over discontent. This is what I wish to have in my upcoming years. I want to attend university and take studies that might one day lead to a career in writing or law. I grew up writing stories and would like to have that in my life as I progress forward.

Faith Wuolle

During my graduation year, I have had the privilege of attending the Health Care Assistant Certification at VIU through the Head Start Program offered at KSS. Upon graduating in July 2019, I plan to continue my journey in the medical field by working as a health care assistant while earning money to attend university for my Bachelor of Science in nursing. I have enjoyed my time in Qualicum and am excited for the opportunities that will come my way!