Advice to Undergrads – 2017

William Atwood

Go through every year like it’s your last. Always try new things and try your hardest to be the best you can in everything you do.

Julie Bachman

Always strive to participate in many extra-curricular activities, but do maintain a balance between these and school responsibilities. Don’t allow yourself to become too overwhelmed and always prioritize academics over electives and out of school activities if you need to.

Kyra Blyt

Learn to stay focused and keep a positive mind set when things become challenging. Try to set aside time for you each day, as you will notice you become less stressed and everything will feel more balanced.

Duncan Cairns

Don’t procrastinate. Do homework when it is assigned or it will pile up and then you will find yourself in over your head. Playing a sport while in school is important as it will keep you active and help to relieve stress.

Rowan Carmichael

The bane of my existence during my years at KSS was my tendency to procrastinate. I can say, from experience, that there is nothing more detrimental to your ability to learn and do well in school than putting off work and studying. My advice would be to remove all distractions from around you when you are completing an assignment.

Veronica Chmilar

Don’t stop at high school. A university degree isn’t just a degree, it shouts something about you.

Sarah Clapoff

My advice is that if you work hard, you will find the perfect career, because there are so many unique things to do in this world. Once you find something that sparks your interest, devote yourself to it, and most of all, enjoy the freedom that you have now to explore anything and everything that interests you.

Meara Crottey

My advice to the undergrads would be to succeed the best you can and work hard in high school to keep all kinds of doors open for you when it is your time to graduate. As well, make sure you join a school sport at least once in high school. You won’t regret it!

Olivia Dennis

Learn time-management! If you can manage your time, you will be able to both achieve great things academically as well as have plenty of extra time to spend with friends. Take every opportunity you can to both network and thank those who have helped you. You never know who can help you in going where you want to go.

Olivia Fayant

Don’t let what your friends are doing hold you back; you’re not on the same path as them, and that is a good thing. We live in a diverse world, so pave your own path.

Jasmin Ford

It is important to maintain your grades, but it is also important to find a balance between your education and your interests, and to let your interests guide your education. Learning how to study effectively and not procrastinate too much will definitely help you in the future.

Maya Gayton

My advice to younger students would be to take as many courses as you can; therefore, leaving more windows of opportunity for the future. Also don’t stress to much; try and find a way to balance studying and a social life.

Linsey Gibbs

Make sure to always do your homework to the best of your ability. When you think it won’t count for homework marks, it always does! Don’t skip classes and leave yourself with two months worth of homework in the last few weeks of school. I promise you will regret it. And lastly, make sure to learn how to study; it will benefit you all the way through life.

Laura Hern

Take time to have fun and hangout with your friends. Homework can wait a couple of hours. If you don’t take time to relax you’ll drive yourself crazy.

Etsegenet Hopwood

Join clubs to help make your high school experience a great one and enjoy every minute of it; it goes by very quickly.

Mikaela Knutson

Try your best to stay up to date with all of your homework. It’s difficult sometimes, but worth it. Additionally, take advantage of the plethora of resources that our school offers; visit your teachers at lunch for extra help, do extra work for bonus marks, make a study group. Most of all, keep a level head, try not to stress too much. School is a place of learning, but also a great place to make lasting memories.

Reece Koch

Get involved! Contribute time volunteering in the community, work locally and learn from these experiences because hands on work is what shows you what you enjoy and where your talents lie.

Piper Kurland

Make sure you balance your studies and your social life as much as possible. Your grad year is the best one yet, but it is also the most important.

Grace (Mingyuan) Li

Do not think grade 10 and grade 11 courses are not as important as grade 12. Universities review all of your grades. Always try your best and work hard so that your last year will be much easier!

Bayleigh Marelj

Work hard, but have fun, and try to learn as much as possible. Make school about learning instead of just about grades.

Megan O’Reilly

Take all of the courses possible. You never know where your interests may be and how they will influence your future.

Tara Park

Make sure to keep up through your classes, ask questions and stay on top of your personal health.

Hannah Peters

My advice to undergrads is to work hard, study and get all your homework in, even if it is late it will bring up your mark. All this hard work will benefit you in the long run and you will be glad you did it. Life is all about time management. You should learn how to balance fun and work.

Megan Romkes

My advice to undergrads is to stay on task and not procrastinate. Get yourself involved in the school and community because you will need it for scholarships!

Alexandria Shaw

Use flashcards and don’t throw them out until after the final exam! It saves so much time when it comes down to reviewing all the material for the exam. Also, don’t take your prerequisite courses for your university program during second semester of your grade 12 year. And lastly, being grad president is very manageable and I highly suggest running for the role.

Sara Staley

Your best bet is to participate in everything you can. You only go to high school once, and you will regret it if you don’t participate. Have fun in everything you do, and practise reckless optimism while you are young.

Nicole Um

It may be hard to believe, but science and math were my least favourite subjects all through middle school until grade 9; however, because of all the great teachers at KSS, I realized that any subject can become intriguing depending on how you look at it. I suggest all of you try as many courses as you can, since you’ve got the best teachers! And who knows…. It may be your future career!

Teddy Vukovic

Take as many courses as you can because you don’t want to limit yourself when deciding on what you want to take in post-secondary. It is also free education, something that should not be taken for granted.

Francesca Wagner

People will tell you that you cannot do everything. However, you can, but it’s awful and exhausting, and you really shouldn’t.

Noah Ward

Don’t procrastinate…. Get your work done! There is nothing worse than studying last minute for a test.

Gabby Webster-Baumel

Do your best in whatever classes you are taking, even if they may not be your favourite, and to maintain good study habits (don’t procrastinate). Make the most of high school and get as much out of it as your possibly can.

Julia Witte

You are not above spirit days, and being excited about something doesn’t make you lame! Get involved in the activities that truly interest you, and invest as much as you can into them. Most importantly, do NOT take yourself too seriously – you’re missing out on a lot of laughs if you do!

Anwyn Woodyatt

Smart kids are no smarter that any of you. They get confused and stressed like everyone else, but their drive for, and dedication to, understanding trumps that. Be curious! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Work hard (and by hard I mean 110%) for what you want in life. Push yourself out of your comfort zone every chance you get so that there are no limits on what you can choose to achieve later. Be proud of everything you do. Participate in school activities, and I promise you will look back on those memories fondly and laugh. Be kind to others and introduce yourself to people; people are more welcoming than you think. Lastly, chem kids, half-a-drop means HALF-A-DROP in a titration!

Carter Worthen

Try everything you can – you never know where you will find a new passion that you can turn into a career.


William Atwood

Go through every year like it’s your last. Always try new things and try your hardest to be the best you can in everything you do.