Advice to Undergrads – 2018

Isabel-Yvette Bancov 

Start good study habits early and figure out the way you learn best; then use this to your advantage.

Payton Carter

Do not be afraid to ask for help from teachers, friends or fellow graduates. Your graduating year is much more fun and stress free if you reach out to those who can help you.

Mackenzie Crossley 

Stay focused and do what you love. Although at times it may feel as though you are unsure as to what you want to pursue, take the time to truly learn about yourself and your future aspirations.

Olivia Davis

One thing that I struggled with in high school was time management. Make sure to have a healthy balance of school, work, extracurricular activities, and social activities to guarantee success, as well as happiness. Maintaining and staying on top of your grades will also be beneficial when looking to enter post-secondary. Enjoy every moment of high school and don’t miss out on all the fun activities our school has to offer. This is your last chance to be a kid!

Serena de Waal

Don’t procrastinate! It is an easy trap to fall into and a hard one to escape from. Also, learn to make time for yourself because high school goes by fast and you should enjoy all aspects of it.

Avery Dorsay 

Enjoy high school while it lasts, as it will pass quickly. It is a time to make friends, discover who you are, laugh as much as possible and most importantly be kind to one another.


If you want to be debt free after university, start researching external scholarships now. It is never too early. Be productive the summer before your grad year; dig deep into the nooks and crannies of the internet and filter through all the financial aid opportunities for which you are eligible. Put your heart and soul into every single application, and don’t let rejection discourage you. True determination pays off.

Aidan Goodfellow

Understand that high school isn’t the worst place in the entire world; that’s one thing I wish I had realized sooner.

Logan Hale

Focus on what you determine is important, create good habits for yourself, and push yourself to work hard. Keep an open mind, don’t take yourself too seriously, and have fun; break some rules, but remember to consider the consequences and keep your intentions good-natured. The only way you can possibly know what your limits are, and what kind of person you want to be, is for you to act on your curiosity and learn from your mistakes.

Sean Hesse

Expand your horizons and volunteer a lot within the community. It opens you up to many scholarship opportunities and you can also make a name for yourself in the area.

Ashley Holland 

Find a healthy balance between school work and a social life which works for you. The most important thing that will help you succeed in the future is discovering how you learn best and forming your own study habits.

Alex Hunter 

If you have the opportunity, try out different electives, because some of my favourite memories come from drama class, which I almost didn’t take at all.

Jessica Kennedy

Find time to get all assignments completed to the best of your ability, but also make sure you find time for yourself. If you learn to balance your social and school life, your high school career will be easy.

Kyle Martin

Take advantage of online resources to help further your learning.

Joseph McAllister

Do not overwhelm yourself with extracurricular activities; have some fun in your grade 12 year and learn how to manage your time well, because those assignments won’t do themselves!

Taylor McCabe

Don’t take on more than you can handle. Also, if you don’t know what you want to do yet that is okay, just try different classes that interest you and stay motivated.

Charlotte Palmer

Work hard in school and learn effective study habits early. But also remember to have fun!

Brooke Pearce 

Plan ahead for your future and think deeply about what you want so that you can make a plan as to how you will get there.

Hannah Pletz

Remember that forming friendships is important, and the more effective you become at completing your work, the easier it is to be a happy person.

Allie Proctor

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed! If you feel as though you are struggling to balance everything, just take a night to yourself, away from the pressures of school or work and regroup.

Aydin Rezazadeh

Never stop fighting through the low points in your life. Everything can and will get better as long as you never give up. In addition, back up your friends and support them in their endeavours. All it takes is one person to believe in someone for them to succeed.

Lydia Weisner 

In order to enjoy your success, you must first be prepared to put in the work. Balance between school and a social life is the key. If you ever find yourself overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask for help!