Current Applicants

Shelby Bell

As the wise Albert Einstein once explained, “only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.” I have embraced Einstein’s wisdom by tackling rigorous academic courses, forming a Student Council at KSS, competing in taekwondo, working as a taekwondo instructor, partaking in writing contests, and graduating a year early. Through my attempt for achieving the impossible, I have found a love for chemistry and have medaled at the Canadian Taekwondo Nationals twice. With my passion in the realm of science, I plan on becoming either a paediatric or trauma doctor. My first step is completing my rural pre-medicine degree and then go on to medical school and specialize from there. I will continue on my journey with Einstein’s words echoing behind me.

Christian Bookout

Science and mathematics have always been my passion. A desire to learn has directed me towards attending the University of Victoria for Engineering. Not only is education important to me, I also believe that a strong connection to our community is extremely valuable. Working at a customer service based job in Qualicum Beach has allowed me to develop a love for this beautiful town and the truly kind hearted people living here. Support from my friends, family, and the community fuels my drive to be academically successful.

Jordyn Burton-Profitt

For the past few years, I have traveled to build a house in a developing country such as Mexico or the Dominican Republic.  As a result, I have decided to apply to a nursing program in the Okanagan next fall. This way I can work for the non-profit organization ‘Live Different’ as a build lead and a volunteer nurse. I know I would feel disappointed and dissatisfied with myself down the line if I went into a job for the money or for anything but my passions. Eventually, however, I would love to continue my education to become a psychiatrist or psychologist working in hospitals, prisons or a private practice. In my mind any selfless act has a positive impact on the world, and I hope my future career and life will reflect this notion.

Sam Criddle

I thoroughly enjoy learning, and have a broad variety of interests ranging from chemistry to criminology. In the future, I hope to attend Vancouver Island University and continue building my knowledge in a multitude of fields. While attending KSS I have participated in many school sports, but primarily basketball, and over the years I have been a member of Central Vancouver Island Rage Softball. I am very excited for whatever the future holds for me, my friends and classmates who have surrounded me for the entirety of my high school education.

Riley Dibble

While waking up at 6 AM every day for rehearsal may not be fun right now, the possibility of playing music and inspiring people whenever I pick up a pair of sticks is good enough for me. I look up to my mentors in the jazz world and imagine what it might be like to be in their shoes one day – to give to others what my heroes give to me now.

Lily Giakoumakis

I am a super outgoing person who loves to talk, socialize and be around my friends. Up until my grade 10 year, I did competitive dance but in grade 11 I chose to focus on school. My favourite part of high school was the spring break trip when I went to the Dominican Republic to build a house. I think I enjoyed it so much because it completely changed my view of life, and I got to meet some really interesting people. Throughout high school, I have really enjoyed taking sciences but my main interest is in criminal activity and criminal law. When I graduate, I would like to go to university and get a bachelor’s degree in criminology/sociology and eventually go on to law school to become a criminal defence lawyer.

Chantel Jewer

I would like to think I am a hard-working individual who strives for success. This year I joined the Interact club, and have really enjoyed the volunteer experiences it has given me, along with the connections I have now created throughout the community. For the past year, I have taken great interest in the film industry, and am hoping to pursue a career in this field. Next year I am planning on making local connections throughout the industry on the Island, in order to figure out exactly what aspect of film I like the best. I plan to eventually go to university to further my education in the industry.

Catalina Magana

I am a KSS student who enjoys math and science, with a special interest in human biology. I plan to pursue an undergraduate degree in human biology, and I hope to study at UCLA next year. While at KSS, I have played on the school soccer and basketball teams, as well as on a club soccer team in Nanaimo. I have enjoyed my five years at this school and I will miss all the close friends I have made.

Marcus McDermand

Experience through the Air Cadet program and examples set by the educators of the KSS music program have opened my eyes to the wonders of education. Thus, I wish to go to the University of Victoria to study French and Mathematics in preparation for becoming a teacher, to teach the people of tomorrow “stuff and things.” Perhaps my mild eccentricity will lead to more creative ways of ensuring proper conjugation, in both subjects.

Lydia Robertson

For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for the world of arts, specifically dance. Throughout my years of schooling, dance has continuously motivated me to strive for success and growth within everything I do. As well, it has taught me numerous lessons that I have been able to apply, not only to my education, but also to my life in general. After high school, I plan to obtain a degree in business economics before continuing my studies at law school.

Hana Roger

I am a dedicated and responsible student who has always enjoyed a challenge. After graduation, I intend to pursue studies in biochemistry or animal science. My love of animals and their welfare has inspired me to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Additionally, from a young age I have been very passionate about music, and because of this, the KSS music program has been a huge part of my life. I hope to bring my dedication and work ethic into all of my future endeavours.

Jacob Sanders

I am passionate about learning and education. In my future, I plan to finish high school and head off to UVic to study Engineering, hopefully finishing with my Masters in Computer Engineering. I believe that the ability to be a leader and to give back to the community is a valuable skill to have.  Once I am finished the post-secondary period of my life, I plan to divert some of my attention to giving back to my community, as without it I could not have reached where I am today.

Rachel Sokyrka

I have been a KSS student for 5 years and while here, I have really enjoyed Biology 12.  I am hoping to continue my studies in biology at Mount Allison in New Brunswick.  Also, dance has always been a major part of my life and I have been in the dance academy at KSS for 3 years. Volunteering and working as an RDN camp leader has helped me to recognize my love for children and sparked my desire to one day become a pediatrician.

Olivia Williams

My post-secondary plan is to enter the Bachelor of Science-Kinesiology Program at UBC or UVIC. My future goal is to pursue a career in Chiropractic Medicine or Physiotherapy. I am a student athlete, passionate about soccer and basketball, and for the past five years, I have played soccer for the Vancouver Island Premier League. I am also involved in Grad Council and Interact Club, which have provided great leadership opportunities. My most significant volunteer commitment was recently participating in a Humanitarian Build in the Dominican Republic. I have also been involved in my community as a Lifeguard and RDN Summer Camp Leader. I am eager to continue my education and pursue more travelling around the world.

Ella Yarham

I love helping others to learn and enjoy new skills, which is the biggest part of my job as a lifeguard and swim instructor at Ravensong Aquatic Center. Additionally, I enjoy taking part in physical exercise, art, reading about history, writing and working. The experiences at KSS and the pool have boosted my self-confidence and helped me to realize the values important to me. I am grateful for the opportunities and support throughout my high school years and I look forward to my path through university and beyond.

Nathan Zeweniuk

Since before I was in kindergarten, I have had an interest in science. I would often spend time interrogating my father about how and why elements of nature are the way they are. Also, I have been taking piano lessons since I was three years old. Music has led me across the continent and provided a number of invaluable experiences. Unable to imagine giving up either, I would like to study both music and computer science at McGill University.

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