Student Profiles – 2018

Isabel-Yvette Bancov

I have been living in Canada for 10 years and during my time here, the community of Qualicum and KSS have been very supportive. This has allowed me to experience many opportunities such as the Rotary Interact Club, volunteering at local clinics, and working at Qualicum Sushi. I am inspired by the ever changing field of medicine, which is why I plan to earn a Bachelors of Science in Biology and pursue a career in Forensic Pathology.

Payton Carter

As I actively work and volunteer, I continue to uncover many of the opportunities that are available in our tight-knit community. By doing so, I have earned many positions within the RDN and have developed meaningful connections with community members. This has inspired me to pursue a career in regional planning at the University of Northern BC. I have had the privilege of participating in a variety of local sports and programs which have allowed me to become a strong leader.

Mackenzie Crossley

“Be you, the world will adjust.” – Unknown
I have always aimed to become a caring, unique, and overall well rounded individual. I find it very important to avoid following the expected path of society. Also, I find it critically important to strive for excellence by maintaining a positive mindset. I truly believe that my positive outlook will help carry my idealistic ambitions for the rest of my educational career.

Olivia Davis

I would best describe myself as a determined, ambitious, and self-motivated individual. I feel that giving back to my community is important. One of the things I have done is volunteered my time as a keynote speaker for Cops for Cancer (Tour De Rock) at their Parksville fundraiser since 2014. I am excited about my future, and see myself playing university hockey, while completing my post-secondary education. A favourite quote of mine is “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” -Wayne Gretzky

Serena de Waal

I am extremely passionate about living life to the fullest. In the future, I hope to travel to experience other cultures and lifestyles. For now, I am participating as much as I can at KSS. I am enjoying school sports, specifically basketball, as well as being a member of the KSS Music department. I also spend a lot of my free time reading and writing poetry, and I hope to one day publish a book of my own.

Avery Dorsay

I believe in choosing to be joyful and reflecting that attitude in our community. Due to my passion for working with children, I volunteer my time at kids’ camps and youth groups. As a member of the Salvation Army, I serve at our local food bank. I aspire to create positive change and I strive to include all the people I can in that process. Creativity is essential in my life; I love to write as well as paint. Through embracing the life I have been blessed with, I hope to touch the hearts of others.

Emily Godfrey

As an aspiring pediatric surgeon, my education will be substantial, but I am happy that my efforts will be valuable in the lives of children. Humanitarian work has always attracted me; a passion which manifests through my involvement as president of the KSS Interact Club, and something I hope to integrate into my future profession on an international level. Outside of school, I work as a math tutor, an ice-cream scooper and cashier. During the summers I have volunteered with, and become employed as, a junior camp leader with the RDN.

Aidan Goodfellow

I would describe myself as very hard working, self motivated, and dedicated person. My plans for the future include attending Simon Fraser University on a golf scholarship. While I am there, I plan to get my Business degree. I spend almost all of my free time on the golf course as I plan to one day pursue my dream and travel around the world as a professional golfer.

Logan Hale

I am an academic student who has completed many science and math courses. I spend a lot of time playing music before and after school in the KSS band program, and I have been working at Pharmasave in Qualicum for three and a half years. I enjoy playing soccer and hanging out with my friends. Next year, I hope to enroll in the University of Victoria in their business program.

Sean Hesse

I am new to the Qualicum Beach area as I recently moved here from Alberta. In the short time span I have lived here, school has been very enjoyable and I look forward to contributing throughout the community by completing volunteer work. After school, I plan to attend university in Alberta, at either Grant MacEwan University or the University of Lethbridge, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Ashley Holland

The four years that I have spent studying at KSS have helped me discover who I am. Through the leadership program, I have volunteered within the school and community. In 2017, I traveled to the Dominican Republic where I helped build a home for a family. I have also thoroughly enjoyed my time on the KSS basketball team. Next year, I hope to continue my studies in the field of psychology and obtain a Bachelor of Science degree.

Alex Hunter

I have lived in Qualicum Beach all of my life. Since Grade 8, I have been involved with the community theatre, and acting has always been a passion for me. In recent years, I have enjoyed working with the Leadership class at KSS, as it gives me opportunities to get involved in both the school and community. I hope someday to work as a criminal defense lawyer to protect the rights of people.

Jessica Kennedy

I am looking forward to graduating and going to university to achieve my goal in becoming a nurse, specializing in neurology. Adults in my life often comment I am a mature,well rounded individual, and friends say they love my wit, loyalty and sense of fun. I own a horse and have been riding since the age of six, my other loves and passions include reading and volleyball. I am also a loyal 4H member and enjoy giving back to my community.

Kyle Martin

In the coming year, I plan on enrolling in the computer science program at the University of Victoria. I care passionately about the environment, and hope to one day make a difference in the natural world through technology. I admire Sylvia Earl, the marine biologist, for her work towards saving our oceans and protecting them. She has been my biggest inspiration throughout high school.

Joseph McAllister

I arrived at KSS in grade 10 not knowing a soul. I now represent the graduating class of 2018 as class president; I have visited Ottawa through Encounters with Canada, and I am also a firefighter recruit thanks to the opportunities offered at KSS. I am thankful for every memory made and all the people I have met these past three years. My post-secondary studies include pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology, as well as completing my firefighter level I training.

Taylor McCabe

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” -J. K. Rowling. I strive to achieve my goal of attending a post-secondary institution to become a teacher of French and/or English, both of which are subjects that I have enjoyed taking while at KSS. I love singing and have volunteered to teach singing through the RDN. I have also spent time volunteering as a leader within my community, and helped to fundraise for cancer.

Charlotte Palmer

After my thirteen years of schooling, I have discovered much about myself through my experiences with playing sports, my academics, and all of the remarkable memories I have made with the people I have met along the way. Although I have not quite found my path in life, I am very passionate about traveling, the environment, and helping others. Acquiring a future career that combines all three of these passions is my goal. After graduating high school, I plan on attending university to study social sciences as well as travel the world and learn new languages.

Brooke Pearce

I admire hard work, commitment and honesty. My goal of pursuing Criminology/Criminal Justice motivates me to work hard and push through my academic hurdles, especially Chemistry 12. As someone who loves analyzing situations and criminal behavior, I am excited to pursue my passions in either Ottawa or Halifax, this September, when I continue my studies. I hope my future careers in criminal justice and criminal behavior give me, and others, a better understanding of the human mind and our justice system.

Hannah Pletz

I am motivated by a desire to be happy. I wish to be highly successful in my career, so after some time of reflection, I am entering the study of psychology, both for myself and for those whom I can help. I would like to improve the world and make a difference on a person-by-person basis, hopefully making life easier for individuals.

Allie Proctor

As I get closer to graduation and reflect on my years at school, I realize how lucky I am to have been part of such a supportive school and community. I have always tried to work as hard as possible, whether at school or work, in athletics, or while volunteering. I hope my strong work ethic will help me as I begin the next chapter of my life – attending university, where I hope to study science.

Aydin Rezazadeh

I believe that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard, and I strive to apply this on a daily basis. Aside from academics, I am a skier, competing for KSS, and a cyclist. I volunteer weekly as a ride leader with the Qualicum Beach Elementary School Bike Club. During the past federal and provincial elections, I served the Green Party through canvassing and gathering data. This year, I was selected to become a member of the British Columbia Youth Parliament.

Lydia Weisner

“La vie en rose” – Aurey Hepburn

This is the French way of saying “I am looking at the world through rose coloured glasses”. For as long as I can remember I have made a conscious effort to wear these glasses through every challenge. If I had the opportunity, I would give everyone a pair of  these glasses. This rosy world I have created, in my mind, motivates me to work hard so that one day I may be able to witness it.